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I have been a citizen of the university system for over 30 years. I have an MA and a Ph.D. in History, a BA in Political Science, and some graduate studies in International Relations, under my belt. I am an experienced teacher, researcher, writer, proofreader, and editor. I can help high school, college, and graduate students organize their approach to research projects and term-paper writing.

More fundamentally, I can help any student develop efficient, effective, and productive study habits. Let’s talk about your strengths and weaknesses as a student; I will introduce you to methods that work. Learn the skills and develop the habits necessary to academic success!

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At East Bay Tutors we come right to your home. Our tutoring sessions are conducted at your address and there is no charge for transportation time or gasoline. We provide this service for your convenience, but if you would prefer to meet somewhere other than your home, we can make special arrangements to meet your needs.

The “Tutor’s Hour”

At East Bay Tutors we employ what we call the Tutor’s Hour. The Tutor’s Hour is a flexible method of conceiving our billing time, designed to help students achieve their educational objectives. For example, if a student is still struggling with a lesson during the closing moments of our tutoring session, the session will not end. Unless our Tutor faces unusual circumstances, he or she will remain with the student until both teacher and learner have reached a level of satisfaction adequate for concluding the lesson. Hence, our billing “hour” may actually be 70, 80, or even 90 minutes long. There shall be no charge for the extra time, but both teacher and learner will achieve peace of mind.

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Contacting your School Teacher

At East Bay Tutors we are willing to contact a high school student’s teacher on behalf of our clients. If the school teacher has provided contact information, and expressed a willingness to communicate with students with regards to school work, we will be happy to join the dialogue in order to help learners meet their educational goals. Although we cannot act as the student’s advocate in any official capacity, we can seek explanations where ambiguity exists, we can discuss effective approaches to specific assignments, and we can make teachers aware of the fact that our clients, who happen to be their students, are making every effort to do well in school. Our tutors have all been teachers themselves, and we understand the professional etiquette of secondary education. More importantly, we understand the significance of clarity, efficiency, and teamwork, when it comes to teaching and learning.

Communicating Between Sessions

At East Bay Tutors we are willing to communicate with our students in between tutoring sessions. We are happy to receive telephone calls, answer e-mails, or respond to text messages, when students need help or have questions with assignments. We will even receive attached documents within e-mails and examine the work, or the works in progress, of our students. Under normal circumstances, there shall be no extra charges for ‘CBS Time,’ or ‘Communication Between Sessions.’ We consider occasional correspondence for the sake of educational achievement in between sessions as a professional courtesy. However, if clients would like to arrange for consistent or routine communication between tutoring sessions, we can negotiate special terms to meet our student’s needs.

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